The dashing actress, Scarlett Johansson has claimed that she is “happy” that she could keep her marriage with Ryan Reynolds a secret. Scarlett married actor Ryan in a low profile marriage ceremony in September.

Her reason for the happiness is that she could tie the knot far away from public glare. Scarlett also said that she spent a lot of time planning on the intimate nuptials. Ultimately she decided and the ceremony took place at a far off and a remote resort near Vancouver, Canada.

Johansson has dared her fans with a nice suggestions. The actress said that she does not tear her hairs off thinking about aging. Scarlette felt that when she starts aging she would get more challenging roles. The 24 year old actress says she would be rather happy to allow her growth to be taken positively.

She explained: “I look forward to the opportunity aging will bring. I feel like the hype that comes with being young in the industry will kind of dissipate and that there are some really good roles in my future. Then again, I say that as an actor who thinks every job is their last job.”

Scarlett also said that she respected Drew Barrymore because of the latter’s ability to do what she loved the most. Drew Barrymore was Scarlett’s co-star in ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’. Scarlett explained : “Drew makes movies that she likes, that she is proud of, that people love, that are entertaining. I would love to be able to do that someday, have a production company and encourage other directors and writers to follow their vision.” Scarlett’s love and respect for her co-star is evident in her words. Scarlett’s eagerness and earnestness sure would help her climb the ladders of glorious stardom with the changing times.



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