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After a successful play in 'The Red Jago' daughter Tia now want the role as a murderer.

Morning because he felt to be a murderer is a challenge for the character.

"I was expecting a murderer, try a suitcase-Thriller Thriller baseball or the Mirror, soalnyakan different," he said in a press conference film 'The Red Jago' at the Planet Hollywood, Jl. Gatot Soebroto, South Jakarta.

the only way, Tia also admitted to himself that prefer berakting in feature films, from the play in the patron. "Film is more mature than the patron, we reeding a month, the introduction also a script, the script is also a month of surgery, so it really was time to recognize the characters, while we only sinteronkan was time for a week and the introduction of the script alone," bright young children from the three with it.

Meanwhile, for Tia play in the film 'The Red Jago' certainly gives the impression material. Parties, he must feel the heat in the car seat because the fire blazing sun.

"I never smell the heat and happiness, my goodness pass didudukin seat from the car's hot!". Plus, the fourth opponent mainnya Desta, Ringgo, Itong and Judika only laugh and sneer Tia lament the heat. "What is it about their mother's people!" He added.


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