Singer Syahrini newcomers

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Jakarta, Singer Syahrini newcomers who have beautiful faces and sexy it is more important than the married his career. Moreover Syahrini words, it is not the type of women who fall in love easily.



However, as a woman a sense of panic and no fear. Especially because he has turned 26 years old. Not to listen to the wishes and encouragement from parents who want to fondle grandchildren from. Unfortunately, Syahrini not include the type of people who fall in love easily. Similarly, even as a woman, he was only waiting for the arrival of someone who wants to menikahinya.

"You are all God's set, including a mate, so walking up there, nikmatin enjoy it," he said after the restart thanks to a year in the 26-horse field Trijaya, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta (1/8/2008) Friday.

As the song 'Advice,' which was digosipkan close with one of the band personnel SC 12 is admitted to want to have a companion from ordinary people. Not from the people that one profession.

"But I was so movies from one profession to my mind's like," said women's sports lovers is a horse


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