Miss Universe, who donated their Dayana Mendoza Indonesia since August 15, is seen to continue the activities and operations. He continues to undergo social activities.

Saturday (23/8/2008) morning, two beautiful women seen visiting the hospital Dr. Sulianti Saroso, the number in North Jakarta. Beautiful women, it is Zivana Latisha Siregar Puteri Indonesia 2008, and Dayana la, Miss Universe 2008.

This time, the agenda-perampuan beautiful women is mengunjugi AIDS sufferer. And look busy chatting with the people in the hospital. I look a bit bashful taste, although it must be directly related to one person disease AIDS.

According to Dayana, he is very happy and comfortable with its people together in the hospital. "I am pleased to be here," he said after the interview with one of Ohida (people living with AIDS, red.)

Venezuela is the origin of women have visited Thailand for 10 days. Day
This is the last day in Jakarta. Tomorrow he should fly to Bali and
continue the journey to New York on August 25 the future.


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