13-14 later in December 2008, the first time a conference involving most of the IT security community in Indonesia will be held in Yogyakarta, precisely in the UPN Veteran Yogyakarta supported by the Ministry of Information and Communication of the Republic of Indonesia and various other sponsors.

Indonesian Security Conference 2008 or more that is known IDSECCONF2008 this is the first time held, this event will include 4 kinds of activities that will be conducted for 2 full days. Activities that are available on cooperation organization / community non-profit IT and the University of National Development "Veteran" Yogyakarta, aims to give enlightenment to the general public, students, students, and especially the Security Professional of the various security issues that exist. Activities that focus on information technology issues, especially security and information technology Temu This community will fill in with activities for 1-day seminar is full, Panel Discussion, and Community Discussion Games Hacking in the next day.

Activities in the first day (13 December 2008) will be filled with seminars from 6 pemateri, the material that will be discussed very diverse, ranging from "windows hacking", "social engineering", "network hacking", "password cracking," "world carding "To do to strengthen (hardening) webserver linux you will be completely peeled with a demo and question and answer session.

Activities in the second day will begin with a discussion panel that took the theme "IT Forms elections in 2009", with the panelis / resource persons who have diverse backgrounds, including from the General Elections Commission, Practictioners Education, idsecconf2008 representatives of the committee and the general public. At the panel discussion this time will be working in various aspects of the utilization of information technology in the upcoming elections in 2009, especially in the field of security.

Discussions resumed activities with the Community, which will be represented by a variety of community security in Indonesia that will discuss about the Underground in the world that is very close to the world, especially security. "Tamatkah World Underground in Indonesia?" discussion will be interesting to see in the panelis / moderator who is a representative of the community antihackerlink, roach, electronic echo, yogyafree, and Jasakom.

On the second day starters will be held simultaneously hacking Games, which will invite participants to experience a real condition in which he must maintain the engine / server, which he owned from the attack and also conducted the attack, but the participants must also be able to complete the mission, mission that have been prepared by the committee. Participants who obtain the highest points will be the winner and entitled to a prize that has been determined by the committee.

IDSECCONF2008 this is a reflection of the efforts that given the non-profit community, especially the progress of education for children and the nation as one of the efforts to accelerate the dissemination of knowledge of Information Technology in various circles. The first activity is expected to continue to be conducted in the following years.

The details:

Saturday, 13 December 2008
* theday, windows hacking with commandline
* whatsoever, hardening linux webserver in 60 minutes
* k-159, social engineering: the art of hacking
* daemonfox, speed up your password cracker: distributed password cracking
* y3dips, mastering the network hackingFU
* indounderground, Carding, carder and why you should avoid it!
Sunday, December 14, 2008

Panel discussion "Menyongsong IT di PEMILU 2009"

* KPU, Specialist Education Committee, Community

Discussion of the Community "End of the World Underground in much of Indonesia"
* Antihackerlink, roach Electronics, Echo, Yogyafree, Jasakom

Hacking Games
IDSECCONF2008 held by the Committee on cooperation IDSECCONF2008 & Engineering Students Association UPN I [v] Yogyakarta, supported by the Ministry of Information and Communication of the Republic of Indonesia.

More information:


Tickets cost (2 days):

* Students, Student S1: Rp. 60000, --
* s2, s3, general: Rp. 120,000 --
Facilities: Lunch, Snack, Equipment Seminar, Door prize, Souvenirs, Certificates


Sekretariat HIMATIF
Teknik Informatika UPN "Veteran" Yogyakarta
Kampus II Babarsari, Tambak Bayan

Fitri: (0856 4696 6692) | Dinda: (0813 1743 6110)
email: event@himatif.or.id

Komite IDSECCONF2008:
amory; az001; Cyb3rh3b; CyberTank; Hero; K-159; Kosha; negative; onno; Ph03n1X; sakitjiwa; s`to; the_hydra; theday; xnuxer; y3dips


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