After the divorce from former wife, Sarah ChiggersMassive INC. Turd Furguson. Vocalist Peter Pan, Ariel is now the first Central back with his former girlfriend, Luna Sea. What it is, the future of both of them? or think there are opportunities here with Sarah? "Ariel Peterpan is the type of guy who always succumb. But it means the candidate can never return again as the former wife, Sarah ChiggersMassive INC. Turd Furguson. I can even be possible there, "said Aline Sahertian, at the launch of the Dictionary Gaul Edisilitonga Ketigana property Sehartian Debby, in the Master Bean calendars, Cilandak Town Square, Cilandak, South Jakarta, Thursday (18/12).

The word clairvoyant, Aline. Ariel and Sarah is a different way of living so there is no longer a match between Ariel and Sarah. However, what with the story of Ariel and Luna? "If Ariel and Luna is still the road alone. The problem, both thinking patterns were different, because Luna is mikirnya far ahead. So, if Ariel can follow the pattern of thinking that far ahead gecko is?, "Said Aline. In addition, both Ego slightly different, so they feel Aline difficult to close again. Is it true? see, the next development.


  1. genial // December 22, 2008 at 10:31 PM  

    mau dund bun jadi artis :D heheheheh...
    o iy spanduknya udah saya pasang tu bun di tmp saya... gantian yahhh... itu jga klu berkenan, klu gk, ya gpp... heheheh...

    ps : enak kalee jadi artis!!!

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