Yeyen Lidya

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Sometimes fans can also act likes a professional paparazzi, took some candid shoot and share it through internet. And these are pictures of "paha mulus" Yeyen Lidya.

Yeyen Lidya from behind

Yeyen Lidya - Paha MulusYeyen Lidya " you like my skin?"
Yeyen Lidya - Paha MulusYeyen Lidya " me, my dear..."
Yeyen Lidya - Paha Mulus
Yeyen Lidya was born in Jakarta on 5 May 1978. Popular magazine brought this 28 years old sexy model go on top of Indonesian high class society. Became host on Global TV and role in “Trans TV Ketawa sore”. So, what is the most interesting from Yeyen Lidya look at the picture and give her score…

Sex Appeal: Yeyen Lidya
Yeyen Lidya


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