Sherina Munaf

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Gambar Sherina Munaf

Allright guys, I'm now teenager so let me try this thing... what is it called? Shisha, Hookah, Ghalyun or whatever it's called I don't care! You know dude? this Shisha was awesome! Look at me, I was sexy when I'm sucking it. Flavours include vanilla, coconut, rose, jasmine, honey, strawberry, watermelon, mint, cherry, orange, raspberry, apple, apricot, chocolate, licorice, coffee, grape, peach, cola, bubblegum, pineapple, and others. Like me, you can pick one of those flavours. BTW dude, a sweet substance smoked in a "Shisha" pipe (it's called "Tobamel"), usually containing tobacoo See you dude! Signed Sherina Munaf.

Foto Sherina Munaf
Sherina Munaf - sucking Shisha
Sherina Munaf

Sinna Sherina Munaf was born in Bandung, West Java on June 11, 1990, Sherina has done more than just sing. ballet, piano, learning English and Wushu are just some of the things she has done.

Sherina has written and composed six of the 11 songs on Primadona, her teen album that was launched lately. Her recent image is completely different from her age as a child star, prettier, sexier and more attractive. Well, Sherina got everything.

Sherina Primadona Track List:

1. Primadona
2. Better than Love
3. Sendiri
4. 1000 Topeng
5. Singing Pixie
6. Ku di Sini
7. Mimpi dan Tantangan
8. Lari Dari Realita.mp3
9. Pelangi Ditengah Bintang
10.Bukan Kenangan
11.Here To Stay


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