Former sex icon actress in 90’s who since 2001 changed her image as a obedient muslimah, wearing hijab/jilbab. Yeah, she’s prettier wearing those jilbab and also fitted wiht it. Good for her, Shafira House uses her as their product icon and recently has a rich husband too. She is Inneke Koesherawati who was born in Jakarta 13th 1975.

Inneke Koesherawati - Now

wearing hijab/jilbab

Inneke Koesherawati - Before

Metamorphosis - Inneke Koesherawati
Metamorphosis - Inneke Koesherawati


  1. Krisditya // January 6, 2009 at 4:07 PM  

    Human wrong place ... and all with the guidance of God can be perfect.


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