Aura Kasih

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Aura Kasih
Aurta Kasih - Pole

Healthy Body

Water, water. water

Do you like Aura Kasih's body? Hmmm tell your girl friend to drink water! That is the secret!

3 vital things you need to do to enjoy the benefits of drinking water.

1. -- Quantity: at least 8 to 10 glasses, or more exactly take half your weight and drink that many fluid ounces. But this is only a rough guide. Listen to your body, drink more if you're active.

2. -- A glass of water always at hand is a great thing. The interval of time is also vitally important. The body needs more water as it uses it, not hours later. Especially drink before and during a physical activity.

3. -- To complete the picture, you have to consider the quality of water. All water is not the same. Tap water has so many toxins these days, prescription medications and chlorine. The chlorine alone increases your chances of getting cancer by 93% over your lifetime, according to the EPA.


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