Acha Septriasa

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 Acha Septriasa, Marshanda & Friends

While we're young and beautiful,
Kiss me like you mean it,
Treat me like I'm special,
Cover me with sweetness,
Cause a time will come,
When we're not so young, and beautiful,
While we're young and beautiful,
Living free and easy,
Here without a worry,
Dancing in our bare feet,
Cause when the summer's done,
We might not be so young, and beautiful.
from CARRIE UNDERWOOD LYRICS" We're Young And Beautiful"

Celebrity Friendships - Acha Septriasa, Irwansyah and friends

Foto Marshanda, Acha Septriasa, Velove Vexia and IrwansyahFrom left to right:Dhini Aminarti’s Ex, (Is this you, Lala?),Marshanda,Acha Septriasa,Velove Xelia and Irwansyah. They are friends. They became great friends during the shooting of the movie/TV series. They work together for long sets of time, then become true friendships. Just like us, everyone makes friends with the people they work with.

Celebrity friendships are a lot like real-life friendships, some of them are for real, and some of them are very competitive and fake as hell.

Thanks to Lala.

Acha Septriasa was born on September 1, 1989. Jelita Septriasa is her real name, role in "apa artinya cinta, heart". She is 2004 Gadis Sampul Finalist. Bad news for the guys who adore her, Acha Septriasa was already taken by Irwansyah.


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